Dividing Assets in a Divorce Decree

Attorneys and accountants in Arizona depend on a conclusion of value an appraisal provides in calculating real estate asset values in divorces.

Where the intended use of an appraisal is to determine value of property held in common, as in marriage, it is important that an appraisal be prepared in sufficient scope that it be defensible in courts or other review agencies. When real estate is involved, several alternatives are possible--the property can be sold and the resultant proceeds divided or one owner can buy out the other. An appraisal will provide the conclusion of real estate market value that enables this allocation of value to be made.

In the case of divorce the date that an appraisal is ordered can differ from the effective date of the divorce. Thus a ‘retrospective’ appraisal may be required reflecting the Market Value as of the date of divorce. We prepare appraisals that meet the review and active date requirements of all parties and agencies involved.

At AMS Appraisals we operate under the rules of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The ethics requirements of USPAP provide that we observe the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality regarding all aspects of an appraisal prepared for a divorce settlement. And we are sensitive to the interests of all parties involved.

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