Estate Valuation

Settling an estate requires that market value for a property be established per a particular date. In most cases this date will coincide with the date of death of the property owner on title for the property. (In some cases an appraisal report will be different from the date of death.)

Typically it becomes the responsibility of the estate trustee or executor of the estate to arrange for the establishment of the property value. This is an important function, as there may be shared interests to consider in the disposition of the property involved. Thus the establishment of value must be carefully developed and fully documented and be detailed and well founded. And the reasons for a value conclusion must be fully explained to be clear to all parties involved in the estate disposition, e.g., lawyers, CPAs, IRS, and state agency reviews.

Adding to these requirements is the need for the appraiser to be sensitive to the needs of the parties involved at this time in the estate valuation. It is also understood that the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) places our appraisers under confidentiality to the terms of the transaction--this insures the fullest professional discretion in handling all details of the estate transaction.

AMS Appraisals real estate appraisers are familiar with the procedures required by the federal and state agencies in filing a retrospective appraisal as of a particular date. The Certified Residential Appraisers at AMS Appraisals are the experts to call when you need a well-documented, ethical estate appraisal. AMS Appraisals provides appraisal services in Phoenix.

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