Tax Appeal

Arizona counties generally have up-to-date assessment systems with lot parcel and improvement verification done by qualified assessment personnel with Pictometry overview of properties on the assessment roles. Statistical techniques are applied in establishing ad valorem yearly tax rates. The general accuracy and efficiency of Arizona County assessment practices and application of equitable taxation has been good.

However, anomalies have appeared. Appraisers at AMS Appraisals have encountered several such anomalies which could be the basis of a valid tax modification appeal. One such instance occurred when a luxury south Phoenix property located in an adjacent municipality was found to have a completely different housing floor plan on record than that of the actual structure. The tax record reflected a different square footage gross living area (GLA) from what was, in fact, the actual property square footage living area. Another anomaly was found in a Paradise Valley luxury property with gross living area (GLA) reflected in assessor records substantially greater than the assessor measurements indicated for the property. As the property tax on this property was five figures, gross living area variance could be significant for taxation calculations. Yet another smaller and older residence was recorded with a floor plan again not reflecting that of the actual structure. This property was bought in a foreclosure sale and required an assessment modification and updating of the assessment records before the property could be resold.

These anomalies are instances where an appraiser with an updated appraisal would be able to establish the basis of a valid tax modification appeal.

Whether accurate assessment records are checked for valid entry or a tax appeal is sought for appropriateness of a current tax assessment, an updated appraisal becomes the legal basis for any taxation change request. A Certified Residential Appraiser with AMS Appraisals can prepare an accurate appraisal of your property to serve tax appeal purposes. AMS Appraisals provides a full range of appraisal services in Phoenix.

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